Understand to success

Fast food market in Vietnam has never "cooled down" in competition as more and more brands have joined in the playground with large-scale store chains and business strategies are constantly changed. To be successful, fast-food brands have to have appropriate and different strategies.

Race for opening chains

The information that Burger King closed some stores in Ho Chi Minh City and Da Nang had aroused the suspicion that the market is getting difficult problems. However, the representative of Burger King said, the closure of a series of stores is strategy for alternating new store chains with better locations. 

Similarly, McDonalds has also continued to expand the store chains in prime locations. Lotteria representative also said that since 2014, the Brand focused on opening the key stores with relatively large area and prime location. With 19 existing stores, Dairy Queen (DQ) is also concentrated in the center and expected to grow to 60 stores in 2019.
Earlier in December, 2015, Jollibee - Fast food brand coming from the Philippines - also announced that they opened more than 70 stores in more than 10 years of operation. According to Mrs. Tran Thi Lan Anh, Vice President of Jollibee Food Corporation, cum CEO of Jollibee Vietnam Corporation, Jollibee has built a large store chain with many international  and local dishes with a solid management team. Under the plan, each year this brand will open about 20 stores by themselves.   

Conquer "the God" by delicious dishes

Not only compete in the chain opening race  ,  "Mr. Big" in fast food industry must also win the hearts of "the God" through each delicious dish and above all accordance with Vietnamese tastes. Also starting by photos of fried chicken trading stories chain but Jollibee as  pioneer of the pursuit and conquest of the Vietnamese taste. This is not only reflected in the main product lines such as  funny crispy chicken or Spaghetti with minced beef sauce have been adjusted for the true flavors corresponding Vietnamese taste. Moreover, also easily to see gallantry of Jollibee for Vietnamese tastes when launching the product "Sauce Spicy Saigon Chicken" which is really charming, attractive Fish Rice with Fever Five Spices Sauce  - results from the perfect blend of Vietnam Spices.

Experience the happy meal for the Vietnamese family

With the milestone of the 80th store opening in Hanoi and further expansion in 2016, Jollibee Vietnam wants to continue the journey to bring  delicious dishes to each Vietnamese family . Not only focusing on each dish on the menu, but each Jollibee store must comply with industry  service standards to ensure that every moment in the customer's meal will be served in the best way. Do not stop at the standard services, Jollibee is known as by a lot of Vietnamese family as the qualified and funny venue of the birthday party for the kids. If other fast food brands are just a point to eat and enjoy the taste of "fast food", then Jollibee is a place for creating experiences for happy meals for Vietnamese family. This really is demonstrated when more and more Vietnamese families choose Jollibee to gather together.

Jollibee understands that it can not reach the heart of consumers in the headlining form. On the contrary, this brand is actually make them love it gradually from conquering taste and specially creating loving moments for all Vietnamese families. In parallel, Jollibee franchise also has a favorable start when more than 120 partners in all provinces require cooperating only after 1 month announced officially. This form will take Jollibee approach more closely to customers through store chains throughout the country.