Delivery and receipt policy

Delivery and receipt policy:
After receiving the order, Jollibee Vietnam's delivery staff will deliver the goods to the address provided by the customer within 30 minutes or more. At the time of delivery, the customer checks the meal according to the order stated on the invoice and the amount to be paid. Please pay in cash. The delivery ends when the customer confirms that the meal is full.

* Notes:

- Delivery time may be faster or longer than expected due to weather, orders at the store are currently overloaded, the address provided by the customer is too far from the store, or address Customer's address is confused with other addresses or due to traffic jams or problems on the road or some other unexpected reasons. At this time, Jollibee Vietnam will specifically notify customers as soon as an event that causes a delay in delivery occurs.

- In case the customer changes the address or requests to adjust the order, it can only be done within 1 minute from the confirmation of the meal and the delivery address.

- The adjustment of the order to change the portion will not be accepted if the customer notices the adjustment after 1 minute since the order has been received by Jollibee Vietnam.

Exchange and return policy: 

Exchange policy:

- After requesting an order, customers can contact the call center to ask Jollibee Vietnam's call center staff to adjust the order within 1 minute from the date of delivery after the order has been confirmed. Any adjustment of orders beyond the above time will not be accepted.

- In case the adjusted order has a total value lower than VND 60,000, Jollibee will refuse this adjustment.

- In case the customer discovers that the meal is mistaken due to the fault of Jollibee Vietnam, Jollibee Vietnam will immediately conduct an exchange according to the received order.
In case the customer discovers that the meal is damaged, damaged, or not of good quality... Jollibee will immediately inspect and exchange the goods for the customer within 30 minutes of receiving the feedback from the customer.

Return Policy:

In case the meal is found to be damaged, spoiled, rancid, etc. Customers, please notify Jollibee Vietnam immediately by phone number 1900-1533 to reflect, Jollibee Vietnam will send staff to check directly. directly at the customer's address and make the exchange, if the customer does not agree with the exchange, Jollibee Vietnam will refund the customer corresponding to the value of the damaged or damaged meal.