1.    Delivery and receipt policy:

After receiving the order, Jollibee Vietnam's delivery staff will deliver the goods to the address provided by the customer within 30 minutes or more. At the time of delivery, the customer checks the meal according to the order stated on the invoice and the amount to be paid. The delivery ends when the customer confirms that the meal is full.

* Notes:

- Jollibee Vietnam only accepts online orders from 09:00 am to 21:00 pm.

- Jollibee Vietnam only accepts orders with a minimum total price of 60,000 VND.

- Delivery time may be faster or longer than expected due to weather, orders at the store are currently overloaded, the address provided by the customer is too far from the store or the customer's address is wrong mixed with other addresses or due to traffic jams or incidents on the road or some other unexpected reasons. At this time, Jollibee Vietnam will specifically notify customers as soon as an event causes a delay in delivery.

- In case the customer wants to change the address or request to adjust the order, just click confirm to cancel the order and re-order a new order.

- To adjust the order to change the new dish, customers only need to click to confirm order cancellation and re-order a new order.

2.    Exchange and return policy:

Exchange policy:

- In case the adjusted order has a total value of less than 60,000VND, Jollibee will refuse this adjustment.

- In case the customer discovers that the meal is mistaken due to the fault of Jollibee Vietnam, Jollibee Vietnam will immediately conduct an exchange according to the received order.
In case the customer discovers that the meal is either damaged or not of good quality, Jollibee will immediately inspect and exchange the goods for the customer within 30 minutes of receiving the feedback from the customer.

Return policy:

In case the meal is discovered to be damaged, spoiled, rancid, etc., Please notify Jollibee Vietnam immediately by phone number 1900-1533 to reflect, Jollibee Vietnam will send staff comes to check directly at the customer's address and make the exchange if the customer does not agree with the exchange, Jollibee Vietnam will refund the customer corresponding to the value of the damaged meal.


1.1.         Process and procedures Complaint handling

Step 1: Receiving complaints

Users can submit comments or complaints in the following ways:

Directly call Customer Service via Hotline: 1900 1533 or

Send it directly to JOLLIBEE VIETNAM's email address:

Step 2: Analyze and evaluate

Within 24 hours (excluding holidays) from the date of receipt of the complaint, JOLLIBEE VIETNAM will handle complaints.

Step 3: Reply to the customer

JOLLIBEE VIETNAM will notify the customer of the processing results by mail, phone, or email. If the complaint is of a complex nature that requires more time to resolve and reply to the User clearly, JOLLIBEE VIETNAM will contact the Customer to extend the response time.

2.    Agree to general policies and regulations when accessing the Website

These general policies and regulations are related to the Customer's access to the Jollibee Vietnam Website.
When a customer accesses the Website, the customer accepts and agrees to these general policies and regulations and the policies and regulations of the information privacy policy from Jollibee Vietnam.

If the customer does not agree with any of the terms below, please do not access the website of Jollibee Vietnam. These general policies and regulations apply when Customers use the website of Jovflibee Vietnam. These general policies and regulations affect the interests of the Customer, please read carefully before using them.

3.    Changes to these general policies and regulations

Jollibee Vietnam reserves the right to change these general policies and regulations at any time without prior notice to the customer. Customers can view the most up-to-date version of this general policy and regulation by clicking on "General Policies and Regulations" at the homepage of This updated version will replace all old versions. If a customer accesses Jollibee Vietnam's application after there are changes to the general policies and regulations, it means that the customer has agreed to these changes.

4.    Customer's User Account

If a customer accesses Jollibee Vietnam's Website, the customer is solely responsible for ensuring the security of the account used by the customer, preserving the password and restricting others from accessing it. access to a customer's computer, the customer agrees to be responsible for any activity that occurs under the customer's account or password.

5.    Application of Jollibee Vietnam

These general policies and regulations apply to all of the Customers who use the Jollibee Vietnam application.

6.    Accessing the Website

Jollibee Vietnam agrees to let customers use the application as specified in the terms of service, specifically: (i) Access only for personal purposes, not for commercial purposes; (ii) not copy or provide any information of this website to third parties; (iii) Customer may not replace or modify any part of this application; (iv) Customers must follow the general policy and regulations for using the service.

To place an order on the Website, customers must have their own phone number. Customers are not allowed to use other people's phone numbers without the consent of the account holder. When placing an order, the customer must provide complete and accurate information. The customer is solely responsible for all activities that occur in his or her phone. Customers are responsible for the loss of Jollibee Vietnam caused by illegal use.

The customer agrees not to use any automated system to access the website and send more requested information to Jollibee Vietnam's server than a normal person can do by using the normal application. within a certain period of time. The customer agrees not to collect any information from the website, and not to use the communication systems provided by the website for any commercial purpose.

7.    Technical Disclaimer

The Customer agrees that when accessing the Jollibee Vietnam Website, the Customer assumes all possible risks. Jollibee Vietnam does not warrant the accuracy or completeness of the content on the website and we are not liable for any errors, omissions or inaccuracies, personal injury, or property damage. spontaneously arise in the process of accessing and using Jollibee Vietnam's website, illegally accessing Jollibee Vietnam's servers to obtain personal information or financial information maintained by Jollibee Vietnam. wherein, interrupt or terminate the transmission of information to the Jollibee Vietnam application, errors, viruses, or other similar problems may be transmitted through our website and errors or errors in the section content or loss or damage caused by the use of content posted, email, transmission or the like from the website of Jollibee Vietnam. 

8.    Limitations of

Liability Jollibee Vietnam does not assume any liability to the customer in any case including direct, indirect, incidental, special, willful damage or any problem resulting from the following: erroneous or inaccurate content, personal harm, or property damage arising spontaneously in the course of accessing and using Jollibee Vietnam's website, illegally access Jollibee Vietnam's servers to obtain personal or financial information that Jollibee Vietnam maintains in it, interrupt or terminate the transmission of information to our website, errors, viruses, and errors or omissions in the content or for any loss or damage resulting from the use of postings, emails, transmissions or the like from the Jollibee Vietnam application, the company will not bear any liability. liability for these possible damages. The foregoing limitations on legal obligations shall apply to the extent required by the laws of Vietnam.
Customers need to be aware that Jollibee Vietnam will not be responsible for the user's information or any other risk of damage to the customer.

9.    Indemnification

Customer agrees to indemnify and hold Jollibee Vietnam harmless, arising from Customer's breach of any provision of this Terms of Service and/or any other requirement from the posting. Signing personal information causes damage to Jollibee Vietnam. Liability for damages will apply throughout the terms of use as well as access to the website of Jollibee Vietnam.

10. The intellectual property of Jollibee Vietnam

This website contains many valuable trademark copyrights owned and used by Jollibee Vietnam and Jollibee members worldwide to distinguish the quality of products and services of Jollibee Vietnam. Male. These trademarks and related properties are protected from reproduction and forgery under Vietnamese and international law; may not be copied or used in any way without the written consent of Jollibee Vietnam. The text, illustrations, and Html code contained in this application may not be copied, distributed, displayed, reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means without prior written consent. text of Jollibee Vietnam. 

Jollibee Vietnam reserves the right to change these Terms at any time without prior notice; and it is the customer's responsibility in this case to review these terms if there are any changes. Customers accessing the Jollibee Vietnam website with the revised terms means that the customer has agreed and accepted these revised terms.


1.    Rights and obligations of Website Management Board JOLLIBEE VIETNAM

1.1.         Rights of Website Management Board JOLLIBEE VIETNAM

a. The Company will provide the service to the user after completing the required procedures and conditions stated by the Company;

b. The Company reserves the right to change the Terms of Use without prior notice;

c. If a user provides inaccurate or incomplete information or information that violates the law or Vietnamese customs and traditions, the Company has the right to refuse, suspend or terminate the transaction with that person

d. The Company may stop or limit user access if the user violates the Company's regulations or takes action that affects the Company's business;

e. In the event that access is terminated, all associated certificates and permissions will also be automatically invalidated and terminated;

f. All rights to use services and content on JOLLIBEE VIETNAM of the company must comply with the provisions of law on the protection of intellectual property rights in Vietnam. All logos and content in different languages ​​are owned by the company. Unauthorized copying, use, and dissemination of copyrighted materials is strictly prohibited;

g. The Company has the right to change service prices and payment methods during the time of providing services to users according to the needs, conditions and capabilities of the Company.

1.2.         Obligations and responsibilities of the Executive Board of JOLLIBEE VIETNAM application

a. The Company transfers information about orders placed on the JOLLIBEE VIETNAM website to the Restaurant;

b. The company will try to facilitate the ordering process as soon as possible. However, the Company will not be responsible for any errors or downtime of the website;

c. The company is committed to only posting accurate information. 

2.    User Rights and Responsibilities

2.1.         User rights

a. Users will have the right to access the JOLLIBEE VIETNAM website to order food and drinks without paying any other fees for the service other than the value of the food and drink order.

b. Users have the right to send questions, suggestions or feedback to JOLLIBEE VIETNAM during the operation according to the above feedback process.

2.2.         User obligations

a. Provide complete and accurate personal information: full name, phone number, address (district, province) , and other information, and take responsibility for the legality of the above information;

b. The user absolutely must not use any program, tool, or any other form to interfere with the system or change the data structure. It is strictly forbidden to distribute, disseminate or support any activities aimed at interfering, infringing, or destroying the website system;

c. The user will be solely responsible for the privacy and storage of all service use activities under the registered account. It is the user's responsibility to promptly notify the Company of unauthorized use, abuse, privacy violations, and storage of account information;

d. User commits not to use JOLLIBEE VIETNAM's Services for illegal purposes. Users are responsible for their actions according to the law.