Instructions for ordering meals
To order meals on the website , customers can do it in two ways as follows:
Method 1: Order meals online following the steps on the website .vn:
- Customers choose the desired dish which is displayed in detail in the "Menu" section.
- The desired meals will be recorded in the "Selected Meal", which lists the details of the meal, the price of each meal, and the total price of the order. Customers can change servings (adding or removing servings) at this stage.
- When the order has been completed, the customer selects "Place Order".
- In the "Delivery information" area, the customer lists the necessary information including full name, address, province/city, phone number, email, and selects "Deliver to this address".
- On the "Order Confirmation" page, the customer re-checks the order information and selects the "Accept order" button to complete the order.
- The system will send a message to confirm within 10 minutes since the customer selects the "Accept to order" button on the website. 
Method 2: Call the switchboard 1900-1533:
- Customers contact the switchboard for support from the operators.
- The customer calls the name of the meal provided on the website, the leaflet can show the meal of Jollibee Vietnam for the operator to receive, then the customer will be asked by the operator to provide the delivery information including Full name, address, province/city, phone number, other delivery requirements (if any).
- Jollibee Vietnam employees receive orders, confirm orders and deliver goods within the specified time as below from the time of receiving the order:
+ Delivery range equal to or less than 3km, delivery time goods within 30 minutes, for orders valued at 60,000 VND or more
+ Delivery range above or equal to 3km to less than 5km, delivery time within 45 minutes, for orders valued at 100,000 VND or more
+ Delivery range above or equal to 5km to less than or equal to 8km, delivery time within 60 minutes, for orders valued at 200,000 VND or more
+ Delivery range over 8km Jollibee Vietnam will not ordering 
* Note: on Jollibee Vietnam website, Customer understands and accepts the following conditions/notes:
  - Jollibee Vietnam only accepts online orders from 09:00 am to 21:00 dark.
  - Jollibee Vietnam only accepts orders with a minimum total price of 60,000 VND.
2/ Confirm order when ordering online on the Jollibee Vietnam website
After completing an online order on the Jollibee Vietnam website, the system will automatically send a confirmation message to the customer's phone. 
Within 5 minutes, Jollibee Vietnam's call center staff will process and complete the order procedures. 
In most cases, the customer will receive a message that includes the following information: Order value and expected delivery time within 5 minutes of the customer placing the order. If the customer does not receive it after this time, please call the hotline at 1900-1533 to reflect directly on the order.